june, 2020

13jun9:00 am5:00 pmInstagram for Business Hands-On Class


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What You’ll Learn
Did you know there are 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram. Again, 1 BILLION. Let that statistic sink in for a moment. Businesses all around the globe, especially the U.S. are witnessing some serious ROI from these online users. It is the largest networking app behind Facebook, but can beat Facebook any day in terms of ROI.

In this class you’ll learn the power behind the one and only Instagram and why you and your business can thrive if you choose to strategically use it! You’ll learn what to post, when to post, why to post and who you should be posting to! You’ll learn how to think outside the box and seriously make your business page stand OUT! Oh, the power of the #hashtag. Discover your ideal target markets in this class, where they hang out, and why it’s a game-changer to stay niche in this wild world of Instagram. We’ll spend time on understanding your ideal target markets, how to speak with them, and give live examples of current businesses and individual accounts that are currently rock stars at this.

You’ll also learn the anatomy of Instagram. We’ll get to the bottom of all the buttons and features in the interface and what they do. You’ll also learn the power of your biography at the top of your account and content strategies. We will be covering how to effectively theme “your stuff” and what complimentary apps are out there to do so. In addition, you’ll learn about scheduling apps!

“The more powerful videos/stories, the better.” We will be mastering this mantra in this class. We’ll touch on Instagram stories and why they are so important! We will discuss how to get followers, but more importantly that you don’t need thousands of followers to get good business. We will also talk about hashtags, filters, and the power of all of the creative tools such as “boomerang” and more. You’ll learn why authenticity is your armor in the Instagram world, where your competitors are and what they’re doing, as well as what a “social influencer” is and why they matter.

We’ll be teaching the difference between an introvert and an extrovert on Instagram, along with how some businesses got to where they are with their followers and likes, and how you too can be just like them one day! With good thoughts, consistency, learning and having fun, you can triple your businesses income with even just a few more followers and more! This class will help your business thrive through Instagram!

Note, this class will not cover paid advertising on Instagram. Instead we’ll focus on strategies for increasing your organic reach and impact.

What We’ll Cover
Anatomy of Instagram, also known as where and what do all of these buttons do!
#hashtags and how to effectively use the right ones for your business.
How to make your Instagram page stand out to your ideal users, including discussing photography, color, themes, video and more.
How to create effective daily, weekly, and monthly stories & posts!
The power of the bio on your Instagram page, and how to make it easy to understand what your business is about.
IGTV and how to effectively use it.
Content strategies.
Tips on how to make your videos more powerful and sell on Instagram.
Theming your business page and personal accounts.
Design tools you can use for free today that make incredible Instagram posts and more.
A/B testing – what works and what doesn’t.
How to spot a killer Instagram page and why it’s killer almost instantly, including examples.
Finding more target markets through every nook and cranny even though you thought you found them all.
How to keep Instagram fun and not stressful for your business.
How to find awesome social influencers.
How to see what works for your COMPETITORS in your business or personal accounts.
The power of the meme and why it is so effective for businesses.
Scheduling apps so you and your team don’t become exhausted posting every day!
Why commenting back to people is so important and how to stay on top of it.
“Black hat” vs. “white hat” policies of Instagram. We’ll cover what to do and not to do in order to stay in compliance with Instagram guidelines so they don’t tear down your account.
How businesses make money by posting other people’s content so they don’t have to, including examples.
What You Will Need
Bring a smartphone with the Instagram app installed. Please be sure the device is fully charged (we do have outlets for charging later in the day).
Paper and pen for taking notes.
Have your Instagram business account ALL SET UP and ready to work on prior to this class starting. This page has some good information on establishing a business account.
Have your phone’s picture gallery or snapchat gallery loaded with some great pictures that represent your brand, interests or what your business is all about.

*This class is being offered remotely via Zoom*
For info and to view our remote FAQ, click: https://bit.ly/3biT229

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Non-members: $279.00

June 13th, 2020 / 9am – 5pm

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