01: Vincent Gonzales – PA Certified Workshop

Vincent Gonzales

As a DGA member since 1996, Vincent Gonzales has over 20 years of experience in the film industry, producing, supervising and working as a DGA Assistant Director. He has worked on features such as The Sandlot, Gattaca, and The Tooth Fairy. TV shows include the Walking Dead, Charmed and Boston Legal just to name a few.  Click here to learn more about Vincent Gonzales on his IMDB page.

In this episode, we interview Vince about his upcoming class called “PA Certified.”  The PA Certified workshop will be held in the Denver, CO area.  Lighting Services, Inc. is hosting the workshop, which is located in Littleton, CO.

Furious Films, Vince's production company, provided the Denver Media Professionals a special $50 discount for the class if you use this discount code:  DMP2016

Here's the link to register for the class:  http://denvermediapro.com/PA-Certified-Workshop

In this workshop, Vince will share the knowledge he has gained over the years and provide insights that will help you step into your role on the set with confidence.  Enjoy!



Check out Vincent's DMP Directory Listing here.


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