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Oksana is a 15-year veteran of film, TV and the fashion industry, and also the founder of Oksana Starling Beauty. As an established makeup artist, she has worked with major networks like Food Network, Bravo, NBC, CNN, and VH1. She has also shot commercials for Microsoft, KIA, Duke's, DISH Network, and Frontier Airlines. Her client list includes Andre Agassi, Phil Collins and Genesis, Von Miller, Clinton Kelly, and Zac Brown, just to name a few. She was a makeup department head in the film Social Dilemma, which has been one of the most talked-about documentaries at Sundance this year.

Besides being a production makeup artist, Oksana is also a personal stylist and a makeover expert. She provides image and branding consultations for women looking to cultivate and uplevel their professional and personal style. One of her greatest joys is helping everyday women feel beautiful powerful, and confident.


Show Notes

[1:39] Oksana's Background

  • Born and raised in Soviet Russia
  • Graduated college and got her degrees economics and finance, and HR psychology,
  • Decided to move to America in 1998, initially moved to the Bay area
  • Has lived in California, Georgia, Nevada, and Colorado

[02:15] Oksana's career path

[06:02] Rose Hill Makeup Academy (Academy of Cosmetic Arts), and the move to Georgia

[08:06] Working with athletes and models

[09:12] Viva Las Vegas…

[10:33] Boulder, Yoga Capital of the U.S.

[12:59] Working yourself into the market in Colorado

[15:08] Using social media for self-promotion

[17:23] Typical work in the Colorado

[19:04] How stylists work with clients

[23:07] Putting the fun in back into the artistry of makeup

[25:44] How Oksana learns and grows as an artist

[28:04] The reality of working for experience

[29:59] Contracts and agreements

[31:01] Retaining a makeup artist

[32:21] Expendables and kit fees

[33:47] Commercial shoots versus indie films

[36:44] Negotiable expenses

[37:33] What do you look for when hiring a great makeup artist?

[38:24] What about insurance?

[40:28] To join or not join a union

[43:15] Staying healthy and fit on set

[45:45] Starting out with yoga

[52:19] The easiest makeup job ever and the perks of the trade

[56:32] Bucket list events

[59:08] The best piece of advice

[01:00:38] Single biggest lesson learned over the last year

[01:04:17] The biggest lesson learned over Oksana's career

[1:04:57] Advice for aspiring makeup artists in the Colorado market

[01:05:42] The wisdom of Rose Hill and Rhonda Barrymore, Cory Taylor Bryant and Cindy Cruz

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