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Audrey is the executive director the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). In this podcast, Audrey explains what it takes to enter a project for the regional Emmy awards. The discussion covers who's eligible, who does the judging, the costs, and the deadline.



Show Notes


[2:11] What is an Emmy meant to recognize?

[2:48] What qualifies as an entry?

[4:56] What exactly makes up t

he Heartland Chapter?

[7:09] The process of entering a project for a regional Emmy award

[9:42] Specifics on how to determine if your project qualifies for a regional competition

[12:47] Identifying your viewership

[14:41] What kind of entity/entities enters and wins?

[16:16] The call for entries

[17:19] Do you have to be nominated?

[20:12] How judging works

[21:32] Are you missing 50% of the picture?

[22:20] Understanding compositing

[23:26] Length matters… really

[24:35] Other benefits of entering your project for a regional Emmy award

[27:37] All about the Heartland Regional Emmy shows

[31:15] How many entries are typically submitted to the Heartland Chapter?

[32:31] Award logistics

[33:54] The costs involved in submitting a project for entry

[35:39] Credits on your project

[37:00] Determining the contribution values

[39:37] The best ways to reach Audrey (and the proper etiquette!)

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