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Kate Lowell is a director and conceptual artist and is fascinated with the unifying powers of an original story. She loves the harmony between visuals and sound and the way that they work together to create an emotional impact. Her experience includes work for American Idol, Odesza, and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, American Ninja Warrior, and several others.

Currently, she lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys avocado toast.



Show Notes

[0:42] The wonders of avocado toast

[1:25] Kate's background

  • Grew up in Lakewood, Colorado
  • Works for Profectum Media

[2:33] What is a conceptualist?

[4:35] The role Cody plays in the company and all things music

[6:34] Kate's media and video journey

[11:11] Kate's take on film school and how it correlates to real-world work in film and media

[14:25] How Profectum Media got started

[16:18] What do you do for entertainment when you work is all about entertainment?

[17:03] The definition of profectum, and how it represents the company's business attitude

[18:01] How Profectum Media is getting involved in virtual reality (VR) 

[19:05] The value of hands-on school vs. online education

[20:51] The future of Profectum Media

[22:28] Why Kate chooses to work in Denver

[24:52] How much do you travel, and how does that impact you?

[25:59] Discussion of how to handle all the gear while traveling

[28:13] The availability of work and logistics while in Denver

[29:46] Out-of-state vs. in-state business

[30:31] Best advertising and marketing practices, and client acquisition

[34:13] How Kate survives in slow times

[36:02] Recent projects

[39:59] Freezing time with Odesza

[42:41] Budgets then and now

[48:44] How do you deal with cash flow and clients?

[52:53] Dealing with conflict and how they affect contracts 

[54:01] Seeking legal advice

[55:18] What makes great clients, and how to deal with clients that aren't right for you

[58:44] The benefits of saying “no”

[1:01:08] The admiration of Kanye West

[1:04:46] The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papsan

[1:07:55] Siddartha by Herman Hesse

[1:09:29] The best piece of advice for Kate, from the late Patrick Sheridan

[1:10:46] Why Kate's believes “fake it 'til you make it” is horrible advice

[1:16:44] Kate's biggest lesson over the last year

[1:21:36] The best life lesson


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