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Todd Murnan, Big Air K9s

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33623 Iroquois Trail, Pine, CO, USA 80470

WRANGLERS - Handler & Trainer 

Special Skills & Experience:
Big Air K9s specializes in performance/working dogs. We have over 30 years of combined experience training & handling dogs for entertainment, dog sports, and as service dogs.

We have 11 dogs of our own at Big Air Ranch in Colorado (near Denver), and deep connections in the dog sport and breeding/conformation worlds. Whatever kind of dog you have in mind for your next project, we either have it or can help you find it.

All of our dogs are featured individually on our website ( and have their own printable bio sheet.

We are willing to travel anywhere in Colorado and to nearby states.

We take great pride in being prepared, professional, reliable and flexible.


WRANGLERS - Handler & Trainer
2016: Ford commercial - Chelsea Pictures
Contact Information
Phone: 619.889.5859

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