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Tod Lautenberg, Psychedelic Pictures

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901 Sherman Street #1311, Denver, CO, USA 80203

DIRECTORS - Director - Commercial & Other
EDITING - Editor
EDITING - Assistant

Special Skills & Experience:
Psychedelic Pictures was created by Writer/Director Tod Lautenberg and Manager/Producer Jolana Opava in 2011.
Tod Lautenberg worked for years as a film editor working himself up from assistant to editor. Tod worked on network shows such as "The Simpsons" & "Scrubs" and features such as "Independence Day" at 20th Century Fox and "Sorority Boys" at Disney/Touchstone. Tod started with Oscar-winning editor Richard Halsey (Rocky, Max Rose). Tod has written five feature-length comedies including his directorial debut "Puff" and is working on his 6th.
Jolana Opava started out designing and sewing her own clothes and acting. She moved to Los Angeles from the Czech Republic and worked many jobs in the industry. Jolana was part of the Costume Department on independent features like "Dogtown" and Wim Wender's "Million Dollar Hotel". She moved on to production management and later business management. Jolana began to represent Tod Lautenberg as an upcoming Writer/Editor/Director triple threat in 2009. Jolana Opava oversaw the Production of "Puff" from Development to the Final Mix.
The Mission of Psychedelic pictures is to create new kinds of cinema called 'Psychedelic Comedy'. In other words a film that uses music and comedy to build the momentum to emotional peaks like in an opera or a rock song. The films themselves are like songs. Our theory is that if you remember to entertain people first, then they might trust you enough to listen to a little wisdom. A film is like a conversation. If you are condescending and rude then the audience will turn you off. They have no obligation to pay attention or care no matter how important your message. You must find a common ground.
The point is that if you fill people's senses with comedy, romance, and rock and roll, then they will think of you as a friend and trust your words instead of being frightened and never watching your film again. We make films that people can watch over and over again.
Psychedelic Pictures is proud to be in development for our next feature film "Morning Dew', which will begin principal photography in 2016 in Colorado.


DIRECTORS - Director - Commercial & Other
2012: "Petsmart Working Pets AD" - Commercial Spot
2011: "Bubba University" - Music Video
2011: "Yoga Therapy" - Brooklyn Yoga -Web Spot
EDITING - Editor
2014: "Puff" - 93 Minute Feature Film
2013: 11 episodes of"I Can't Believe I'm Still Single" - Showtime
2012: "Marketing The Message" -Do It Yourself network
2011: 10 episodes of "Biography" A & E Network
EDITING - Assistant
2007: Damages
2004: CSI: NY
2003: Scrubs
Contact Information
Phone: 720.485.5940

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