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Colorado, USA

Hey! I'm Mich, Michelle, or Meech! I operate teleprompters for high-profile events, commercials, and film/tv shows. I'm savvy on a mac, quick on the type and always on my game. I bring a modern, zippy typing, and personable touch to teleprompting.

Need a quick line, some sharp copy, and a super-speed edit? Hey, I'm here for your copywriting needs.

And! I can content coordinate or just plain ole coordinate your next company event. You need someone organized, wise to details and able to communicate with ease with any type of client -- I've got you!

I run/operate Prompster. A modern, people-focused teleprompter rental company. We partnerwith scriptwriters and speech trainers to make sure our clients deliver their best performances.

We use the lastest tech, type the fastest and have pretty cool attutides with our clients. Hey-we're friendly, skilled and make your event a breeze.

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Phone: 3124201929

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