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Sid Yost, Amazing Animal Productions

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10989 Pearl Circle, Northglenn, CO, USA 80233

WRANGLERS - Handler & Trainer

Special Skills & Experience:
Amazing Animal Productions is a prestigious 36year old, fully-licensed company and have provided some of the most well-known animal talent for the feature film, television, and print industry. Providing Coordinators, Animal Wranglers/Trainers, and our affection-trained animals; Dogs and Cats, insects and reptiles, horse and carriages, cattle drives, barnyard animals, large carnivores, exotic hoof stock, birds.


WRANGLERS - Handler & Trainer
2013: 12 Years a Slave (Feature Film)
2013: Bonnie And Clyde (Mini-Series)
2013: Sleepy Hollow (TV Series)
2013: True Detectives (HBO Tv Series)

SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters

877.254.8585 | 310.990.3538 Cell

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