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Sebastian Lizarzaburu, Estes Park Private Chefs

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1054 Lexington Lane, Estes Park, CO, USA 80517


Special Skills & Experience:
Estes Park Private Chefs is proud to offer some of the finest catering and private chef services in the Estes Park Area. Our inspiration for outstanding, classic catering is derived from our passion: creating vivid, fresh, creative and, most importantly, delicious food with flawless organization. We strive to awaken the senses with irresistible aromas, superlative flavors, and a vibrant display to inspire an enlivened, adventurous spirit!

Estes Park Private Chefs is ready to orchestrate any event, either in your home, business, wedding or other venue of choice. Our team of experienced professional chefs and their support staff ensures that we will provide a truly exceptional dining experience. We take pride in all of our culinary preparation and base our success on your satisfaction. Therefore, we welcome any and all culinary requests, and will strive to make your catered event the best that it can possibly be!

We are excited to provide you with top notch service and to have you as a happy, satisfied customer time and again!

Contact Information
Phone: 435.901.8204

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