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Sean Renner, Rennergy Productions

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Denver, CO, USA

AUDIO / SOUND - Music Composition

Sean Renner is a Denver-based recording artist, performing artist, and composer, available to create unique, original music for film and television productions. Spanning genres from classical to hip hop, pop to folk, and playing the roles of artist, producer, engineer and everything in between, Sean Renner continues to push the limits musical imagination.

Special Skills & Experience:
With each new album Sean Renner continues to forge a unique musical path, spanning genres from classical to hip hop, pop to folk, and playing the roles of artist, producer, engineer and everything in between. After graduating with a degree in film production and philosophy, Renner moved to London, England, in 2007, where he recorded his well-received album “The Blossoms of Armageddon” for the UK-based Urban Sound label. The record received airplay on over 150 radio stations across the U.S. and Canada, was featured on ETV's 2010 series, "Married to Rock", and was recently featured in MTV's current television series, "Catfish", based on the 2010 documentary of the same name.

Upon returning to the U.S. Renner continued to make a name for himself as a recording artist and as a live performer, and partnered with Morning Bird Records to release his 2010 follow-up record, “Sekhmet.” Fusing Egyptian folklore with neo-folk orchestration, Sekhmet has been hailed by critics as a "masterpiece" that creates a beautiful blend of sonic elements and paints a deep, lush emotional landscape.

In 2012, Renner captivated his listeners by announcing the 7 Days Project, during which he would write and record his next album in only a week’s time, and invited his fans to send sound recordings to be incorporated into the music. Released in the Spring of 2012, the music of Seven Days expertly merges electronic and pop influences with Renner’s distinctive ability to creatively blend sounds, displaying an elegant combination of musical and technical prowess. Renner's latest album, Days End, is a unique companion album to Seven Days, offering a new interpretation and reflection of the original music, and a new story of its own.

Renner continued exploring the music created in the 7 Days project with his 2013 album, Days End, in which he created new and alternate versions of the songs from 7 Days. Some of the songs are new versions, entirely re-recorded with new instrumentation, and some songs are completely new compositions that only share a common melody, instrument, theme, or lyric with their partner song from 7 Days. Days End is a unique take on the idea of a companion album, offering both a reimagining of 7 Days, as well as a sound and story all its own.

On stage, Sean Renner combines live drums, guitars, keyboards, sampling, and vocals using his own, unique style of looping. This, matched with his own live video and animation projections creates a truly engaging and immersive live performance. Renner's shows are true to his recorded sound, but make for a distinctly unique yet equally powerful experience. Both on the stage and in the studio, Renner continues to push the limits of his musical imagination.


AUDIO / SOUND - Music Composition
2012: The Release (Short Film)
2011: To Die For (Short Film)
2011: Tuesday Night Righting Club (Short Film)
2008: Fear in Florida (Documentary)
Contact Information
Phone: 636.577.6953

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