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Samuel Bricker

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South Central, CO

CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other
DIRECTORS - 1st Assistant Director
DIRECTORS - Director - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
Sam is a multi-talented Director and Creative Director with over ten years of visual storytelling experience and diverse background spanning genres and disciplines in filmmaking. He's a Colorado native with a unique vision and style steeped in rich landscapes and characters. He has International production experience
in the Arctic Circle, Nepal, Haiti, Kenya, Thailand, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Spain.


CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other
2018: Berlin Fashion Film - Classics Prod Co. April May
DIRECTORS - 1st Assistant Director
2017: "Nature of the Beast" INK Music Video: Production Co. - Little Sky Films
DIRECTORS - Director - Commercial & Other
2018: Conor McGregor "The Noble Fight": Production Co. - Rocket Science Productions
2017: "Finer Things" Official Music Video Production Co. Kinsman
2017: "High Speed" Everest Series: Network- Outside TV
2017: "Nano Seven": Production Co. - RBK Productions
2017: "The Gathering": Reebok/ CF Games
2017: Prospectors Season 2 Trailer: Production Co. G&T Film Co.
2017: Reebok Brand Look Book: Production Co. - Zinc Productions NYC
2016: "26,000 Days": Production Co. - Sweet Rickey
2016: "Float": Production Co. - A Production
2015: "Gauntlet": Production Co. - CMS Productions
Contact Information
Phone: 781.234.5078

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