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Samuel Allen, Sam Allen Productions, Inc

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Samuel Allen
1742 Holly Street, Denver, CO, USA 80220

CAMERA - Aerial Operator
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
VIDEO - Video Camera Operator - HD

Special Skills & Experience:
Experienced in all facets of production. Have worked with small and large production crews within strict budget and time limitations in film and high-definition video. Hands on experience with Arriflex and Aaton film cameras. Also the new Canon Super Sensor C300 & Canon Super Sensor 5D, Sony HDW F-900, Sony PMW-Ex-1, EX-3, F-9000, F-3 Sony HD-XD Cameras, most Panasonic cameras. Work well with people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience. Very experienced in aerial HD and film cinematography with hundreds of hours of Tyler Nose & Middle Mount and HD Cineflex Stabilization System aerial productions. In 2007 received private training in the installation and operation of the High Definition Cineflex Aerial Stabilization System. Specialize in sports, commercials, reality productions, long format, and extreme high-definition and cinematography. Have worked with and for local, regional and national companies.

From 1985 to present I have worked as a Producer, Director, DP/Cameraman doing business as Sam Allen Productions, Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1985, Sam Allen Productions is an independent production company involved in the production of programming, features, television commercials, news promotional campaigns, reality series, aerials, broadcast series segments, music videos, documentaries, sports features, extreme sports, long-format programming, and cable specials.

Please go to my web site and see all Time-Lapse is 5D footage and the first two Webisodes are Canon Super Sensor C300 and 5D footage.


CAMERA - Aerial Operator
2011: Levi Effect
2011: Race Across The Sky: Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race 2010 & 2011
2011: Wyoming Tourism
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
2012: Levi Effect Documentary
VIDEO - Video Camera Operator - HD
2013: Jane Goodall Documentary
2011: Race Across The Sky: Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race 2010 & 2011
2011: The Levi Effect: A Documentary 2010 & 2011
2002: The Laramie Project

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