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Rody Kent, Rody Kent CSA

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Front Range, CO, USA

CASTING - Casting Director - Principals

Special Skills & Experience:
Rody Kent, CSA is a Location Casting Director who has worked in the Southwest for over 30 years on over 60 feature films, TV series, mini-series and movies for TV. Her credits include Academy Award winning Places in the Heart, 10 years on the DALLAS TV series/CBS/Lorimar, Wishbone/PBS, the 4th season on both Breaking Bad/AMC, In Plain Sight/USA and most recently finished working on Indie Feature Chasing Shakespeare, Starring Danny Glover and Graham Green and searches for the Disney Channel.


CASTING - Casting Director - Principals
2013: Chasing Shakespeare
2011: Breaking Bad
2011: In Plain Sight
1994: Blank Check
Contact Information
Phone: 303.506.3153

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