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Rob Mant

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Lakewood, CO, USA

CAMERA - 2nd Assistant Camera
CAMERA - Camera Loader

Special Skills & Experience:
Digital and Film. Local 600 since 1996.


CAMERA - 2nd Assistant Camera
2016: "Our Souls at Night" DP: Steven Goldblatt ASC, BSC-B Camera 2nd AC/ 2nd Unit DP: Kent Harvey-2nd AC
2010: "Breaking Bad" DP: Michael Slovis ASC-A Camera 2nd
2009: "Legion" DP: John Lindley, ASC-A Camera 2nd
2008: "Appaloosa" DP: Dean Semler, ASC, ACS C Camera 2nd
CAMERA - Camera Loader
2002: "Murder By Numbers" DP: Luciano Tovoli
2000: "Bring it On" DP: Shawn Maurer
2000: "Nutty Professor II" DP: Dean Semler ASC, ACS
1999: "Inspector Gadget" DP: Adam Greenberg 1st Unit Additional Loader

International Cinematographers Guild (ICG)
Local # / Other: Local 600

Contact Information
Phone: 303.562.4604

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