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Producer's Advantage Denver

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Producers Advantage Denver
565 East 70th Ave. Unit 6-E, Denver, CO 80229 80229

Producer’s Advantage is a veteran firm of over twenty years in the Motion Picture & Television, theatrical, documentary, live production, concerts, corporate & venue events, industrial’s, H.O.W. events, PSA’s, weddings, medical, military, educational, great parties and providing top level customer service and the experienced insight of the true working professional.

Producer’s Advantage carries a variety of lighting luminaries, kits and custom packages. Along with our GRIP department, we can provide a wide range of instruments for use in professional productions and events

We carry a wide variety and types of lighting for any project or occasion. Fresnel’s such as Mole-Richardson (150w to 2Kw), LED Bi-Color panels such as Astra, fluorescent fixtures such as Kino-Flo, Mole-Richardson, and Colortran scoops and other softlights, Arrilite open-face, Chimera and Photoflex, ETC Source4 ellipsoidal’s, adjustable strobes and even blacklights.

A wide selection of lighting stands from Matthews, Avenger, Photoflex and Norm’s Studio; from basic kit stands all the way through C-stands and multi-riser combo stands. AC distribution is available such as various length stingers, power adapters, and splitters, Bates and dimmers (650w through 2K).

Lighting control and modification are essential. Our grip department has a wide assortment of 6×6, 8×8, 12×12 overhead fabrics, frames and smaller control items in 18×24, 24×36, 36×36 and 4×4. Additional grip items include mayfer’s, Cardellini’s, wall spreaders, Quaker/Platyus’, speed rail, offset arms (the list is quite extensive – over 100 items long).

Our expendables department carries color correction and theatrical gel sheets, diffusion, compressed air, spray adhesives, Zeiss lens cleaner, C-47’s, Gerber knives & helpers, SuperGlue. gaffers & paper tape as well as every other expendable item you would expect to see (including Duracell ProCell, Ishio/Sylvania bulbs, and globes from Kino-Flo (Diva globes 2900, 3300 and 55oo degree)).

Come by our Denver warehouse location at Washington & 70th. Ave. and see what we have.  Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Call us for a personal tour. We are happy to demonstrate any item in stock so you have 100% confidence of a perfect shoot before you get to your set.

Sometimes a little ADVANTAGE is all you need.

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Phone: 720.484.6972

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