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Peter Simon, Ghost in the House Productions

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Peter Simon
638 North Corona Street, Denver, CO, USA 80218

CAMERA - 1st Assistant Camera
CAMERA - Camera Operator - TV & Other
VIDEO - Videographer HD

I've been working in video and film production since 2001. I was a member of the International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) while working in New York from 2005-2011. Since moving to Denver six years ago, I've continued to work as an AC and digital loader. I also work as a camera operating and videographer. I've also produced two short films of my own.

Special Skills & Experience:
I'm an experienced camera assistant. I'm well-versed building cameras, changing lenses & filters, loading, and handling media, slating, putting down marks and pulling focus. As evident from my reel, I also do camera operating.


CAMERA - 1st Assistant Camera
2016: JonBenét Ramsey Documentary (Lifetime)
2015: Luke Brian Concert at Mile High Stadium
2015: Thrill Factor (Travel Channel)
2014: Visa (corporate video)
CAMERA - Camera Operator - TV & Other
2016: Fireworks Fast-Pitch Softball Tournament (Flo Sports)
2012: Instructional hobby videos for the web (Craftsy)
VIDEO - Videographer HD
2012: Web commercials (Clatter & Din Advertising Agency)


Contact Information
Phone: 917.715.7473

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