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Peder Morgenthaler, Frame Linear

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Denver, CO, USA

POST PRODUCTION - Post Facilities - HD

Frame Linear is a boutique post-production company focused on providing professional, cutting-edge on-set and post services to productions based in Colorado and beyond. With a focus on new technologies and formats, industry trends and national-quality looks, Frame Linear makes no-compromise finishing available to everyone.

Special Skills & Experience:
• Color Grading & Finishing
Fully calibrated color suite equipped for real-time grading of HD, 2K & 4K material from RED Epic & Scarlet, Arri Alexa, Sony F5/F55/F65, BMD Cinema Camera, etc. Custom-calibrated viewing environment ensures accurate grading over long sessions, and features a client seating and work area for supervised sessions.

• Dailies / Rushes
Modern camera-raw formats are amazing, the digital equivalent of film negatives. But they don't look good out of the camera. Frame Linear provides one-light and best-light color corrected dailies processing, providing iPad versions for the Director and DP, window-burn versions for editorial, even DVD screeners if necessary. And the looks are all preserved, serving as the basis for final color grading if desired.

• On-Set / DIT
A good DIT takes the guesswork out of formats and frame rates, providing the right deliverables to each department or prepping the footage for dailies processing. Frame Linear provides DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and on-set image services such as live look creation & color grading, data management & backup, camera tuning & profiling, etc. We believe that great post starts on set.

•Digital Cinema Mastering (DCP Production)
Film (as a delivery medium) is dead. And it happened faster than we all thought. The DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is its replacement. And its glorious. Perfect picture in 2k or 4k, digital audio in up to 7.1 surround, multiple language subtitles, etc… A DCP is the ultimate realization of your film, and the perfect screening method for film festivals, distributors, etc. Frame Linear has the tech and experience to produce standards-conforming DCPs guaranteed to play on every DCI-spec server and projector system in the world.

• Post Supervision
Let Frame Linear supervise your entire post process. We'll put our knowledge and experience to work to ensure that image quality is maintained through every step, that all footage assets are tracked, managed and protected, and the final product is beautiful, technically sound, and ready for audiences to enjoy.


2012: The Reverend Horton Heat - 25 To Life
2011: John Butler Trio - Live at Red Rocks
2007: Juncture
2005: Throttle
POST PRODUCTION - Post Facilities - HD
2013: Hanna Ranch
2013: Joshua Tree
2013: O'Riley's Liszt
2013: Warren Miller presents Ticket To Ride
Contact Information
Phone: 303.478.4117

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