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Olivier Katz

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4520 Homestead Street, Bow Mar, CO, USA 80123

PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
Over 25 Years of production experience with Entertainment, television, advertising and media companies. Produced over a thousand television commercials and music videos in the US and worldwide for national and international advertisers. Successfully managed budgets totaling over a 150 million. Some of these commercials were awarded the Grand Prix, gold, silver and bronze lions at the Cannes festival as well as dozens of Clio Awards and other nationally and internationally acclaimed awards. Dual citizenship (USA & EU), fluent in French and English, conversational Spanish, with extensive international business experience.


PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other
2014: CTI - Advertising Campaign
2014: Pixorial National Advertising Campaign
2014: RE/MAX Masters - Advertising Campaign
2014: Source Direction Advertising Campaign
303.730.2990 | 303.886.1510 Cell
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