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Nathan Ward, Grit and Thistle Film Co.

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Nathan Ward
PO Box 1222, Salida, CO, USA 81201

CAMERA - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
LOCATIONS - Location Scout
PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
Creative, Cinematography - Red Epic 4K/Sony/Canon EOS, Post Production Services (FCP & AP), Professional Writing (20+ years worldwide), Location Scouting, Film Festival Submission Service, Remote Locations (worldwide), Character Sourcing (cowboys, miners, adventure sports, religions, etc), 35+ Countries International Experience, 4K Stock.

The crew includes Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Union Grip, Aerial Drone Pilot, VFX, Graphic Designer, Sound Professional. Use some or use all.

Experience: Long and short-form documentaries, commercial work, live filmmaking from Everest Basecamp, Outside Television, Weather Channel, Universal Studios, International Mountain Bike Association, Outdoor Research, CNN, United Nations, The Wilderness Society, Colorado Mountain Club, Mountain Safety Research, nonprofit promotional films, etc.

Camera systems: Red, Sony, Canon EOS, DJI Phantom drone, Ronin/Movi steady camera. DP/ACam/BCam.

Experience in 30+ countries and throughout Colorado, with a specialty in mountain areas and indigenous cultures. Including Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India), Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile), Mongolia, Southeast Asia, Europe, South and East Africa (SA, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia), etc.

Clients include: Outside Television, Weather Channel, various reality television shows, United Nations Development Program, UN World Food Program, CNN, International Mountain Bike Association, The Wilderness Society, Western Rivers Conservancy and many more.


CAMERA - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
2013: Haiti Surfing & Clean Water - Outside Television
2013: The Rider and The Wolf - Feature Doc about Hall of Fame Mountain Biker Mike Rust

LOCATIONS - Location Scout
2013: Prospectors - Location Scouts - Weather Channel
2012: Sandboarding the Great Sand Dunes - Outside Television

PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other
2013: Boardworks and BadFish River SUP Boards - web series
2013: Chaffee County Visitor's Bureau - spots, stock, print media.
2013: Girls Matter - Education for Abandoned Girls - Peruvian Hearts
2012: The Spirit of Browns Canyon - conservation film for The Wilderness Society, Senator Udall's office

Contact Information
Phone: 719.221.1731

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