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Michael Haskins, Haskins Law Group

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1624 Market Street Suite 202, Denver, CO, USA 80202

LEGAL - Attorneys
LEGAL - Entertainment Attorneys

Entertainment attorney for film, television and new media projects, companies and individuals with clients in financing, development, production, sales, and distribution.

Special Skills & Experience:
Clearance, contracts, financing, formation, negotiations, production, releases.
Past and current clients include T3Media, fka Thought Equity Motion, Post Modern, “The Dutchman’s Run”, “p.m.”, an untitled project from the writer of “Beverly Hills Cop II” and “Midnight Run 2”, and numerous upcoming independent film and television productions.

Michael Haskins also worked with the Colorado Office of Film, Television and New Media to develop the economic analysis, craft the legislation and advocate on its behalf and succeeded in bringing Colorado its first competitive incentive in over 20 years. As the President of CINEMA (Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media and Arts), Michael provides statewide advocacy and lobbying for media production incentives. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Media Leaders Roundtable, with representatives from some of Colorado’s largest employers, in the creation of a comprehensive trade association to promote media creation, distribution and packaging within Colorado.


LEGAL - Attorneys
2013: p.m.
2012: 25 Years, Two Weeks and a Day
LEGAL - Entertainment Attorneys
2013: A Tale of Two Sillies
2013: An American Terror

License: 39009

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