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Mattie Lewis

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Front Range, CO, USA

PERSONAL ASSISTANTS - Personal Assistant

Special Skills & Experience:
Education and Experience University of Kansas (July 2013)
• Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies

Intern at BlueCat Pictures in Los Angeles for Gordon Hoffman (May 2012- August 2012)
• Controlled and edited
• Managed 5 separate email accounts
• Organized and ran feature screenplay competition • Book and marketed screenwriting workshops
• Read and organized scripts
• Filmed and edited various short projects

Familiar with the RED ONE, Canon/Nikon DSLR, Panasonic HPX, HVX
Advanced knowledge of Mac OS, Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro Intermediate knowledge of LunchBox DV, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, WordPress

Chosen to speak in front of Film Advisory Board by department chair (Fall 2012) Awarded grant to be put towards internship at BlueCat Pictures (Summer 2012) Wild West Film Fest winner (2011)

Additional Education Rod Holcomb’s 7 + 8 Workshop (Fall 2012)
• 4-day workshop over directing episodic television


PERSONAL ASSISTANTS - Personal Assistant
2012: Gordon Hoffman- BlueCat Screenplay
Contact Information
Phone: 316.644.0842

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