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Liz Long, Aspen Productions

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Liz Long Aspen Productions
PO Box 8862, Aspen, CO, USA 81612

PRODUCERS - Line Producer
PRODUCERS - Production Supervisor
PRODUCTION MANAGERS - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
Aspen Production Services is a production company with over 25 years of experience blending urban production work ethic with mountain production know-how, resulting in a combination that fills every possible job need. We're known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and meticulous attention to budget. Our team provides full-scale production services, location scouting and management,
casting services, and assistance with accommodations and crew. We specialize in television commercials and print campaigns with offices in Aspen, San Francisco, and New York.

Please visit our website for a complete list of clients:

Line Producer
Production Supervisor
Production Coordination
Crew Procurements
Location Scouting / Management


PRODUCERS - Line Producer
2018: New Balance - Palm Springs / SF / Lake Tahoe Shoot
2017: Federal Express
2017: Lands End
2017: New Balance - San Diego Shoot
PRODUCERS - Production Supervisor
2014: Phoenix Tourism
2014: St Regis Photo Shoot
2013: Hugo Boss
2013: Oakley
PRODUCTION MANAGERS - Commercial & Other
2013: Hyundai (Park Pictures)
2013: Neverland (RSA)
2013: Schoolhouse 5 (
2012: Nike (Park Pictures)
Contact Information
Phone: 970.925.1031

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