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Lisa Gray

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PO Box 1403, Boulder, CO, USA 80306

POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISORS - Post Production Supervisor
PRODUCERS - Associate Producer
PRODUCERS - Producer - Feature & TV

Special Skills & Experience:
Seasoned Producer, Field Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Archivist, Sound Engineer, and Media Publicist, experienced in film, television and radio documentaries, series, and news magazines. I have worked simultaneously on many productions, always maintaining sensitivity to the individual characteristics and needs of each project. My goals include making new and engaging work, balancing the creative and resource-dependent aspects of each production, working with others to achieve their visions, and maintaining the standards and budget guidelines required. I am a dedicated all-around troubleshooter with an aptitude for identifying problems, proposing solutions and implementing them as smoothly and painlessly as possible.


POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISORS - Post Production Supervisor
2015: 3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar
2015: Behind Bars: Rookie Year
2015: Black Market with Michael K. Williams
2014: city.ballet.
PRODUCERS - Associate Producer
2012: Hard Time
2012: Our America with Lisa Ling
2012: Welcome To The Machine
2011: Be Good Johnny Weir
PRODUCERS - Producer - Feature & TV
2016: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru
Contact Information
Phone: 718.208.3754

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