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Lee Frank, Audio 2 First Names, Inc.

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Lee Frank
Denver, CO, USA

SOUND - Boom Operator
SOUND - Studio Engineer
SOUND - Mixer

Special Skills & Experience:
Extensive Experience. Great Gear. Great Attitude.

Documentaries, Broadcast, Corporate, News, Sports, Skiing, Features, Commercials, Reality, Live, Web, A2 Truck, Studio & more.

Full Alphabet Soup of clients Long list of Credits upon request. HD, Beta, Mini DV, 24P, 5D, FILM, WAV, MP3, whatever! Full Audio Package with many extras. Equipment List and references available. Reliable Professional ready to go. Lighting and Production Assistance.

(Yes, I help schlep gear and assist with setup and breakdown and I'll help produce if you'd like.) NABET, IBEW...or not.

Let's talk and then let's work together.

LEE FRANK "The Two First Names in Audio"

(303) 589-8522 [email protected]


SOUND - Boom Operator
2017: Blake Shelton Smithworks Vodka
SOUND - Studio Engineer
2017: A1 field mixer for rugby broadcasts, Glendale, Colorado
2013: Colorado Studios board mixer for corporate videos and TV show pilot
SOUND - Mixer
2017: Corporate Videos (Miller/Coors, Davita, Casio and many more)
2017: Network news (ABC, NBC) Sports (ESPN, NBC, and others)
2017: Reality: Top Chef, Travel Channel shows, HGTV

NABET and IBEW (when applicable)

Contact Information
Phone: 303.589.8522

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