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Lea Croteau

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PO Box 773831, Steamboat Springs , CO 80477 80477

STUNTS - Stunt Utility

Special Skills & Experience:
2014 NOMINEE TAURUS WORLD STUNT AWARDS -- Best Stuntwork by a Stuntwoman.
MOVIE: Need For Speed Double/Stunt Driver
TELEVISION: NCIS New Orleans Double/Stunt Driver
COMMERCIALS: Jaguar, Ford, Cadillac, Honda, Audi
VIDEO: Educational series: Fastest Ride On Ice (TELLY AWARD)

SPECIAL SKILLS: Stunt Driving on low grip surfaces in various drivetrains (awd, rwd, fwd): dirt, wet asphalt, snow, ice. Precision driving. Camera rigs. Also driving in a drifting style.

OTHER SKILLS: Skiing (powder, trees, steeps), Yoga, Biking, Hiking, Sailing/Boating, Horseback Riding

HISTORY/TRAINING: See website for more details, background in Sportscar Racing, Rally, Ice Racing, Drifting. Also extensive experience in advertising, marketing and facilitation.


STUNTS - Stunt Utility
2015: Valley of Fire--Commercial Footage for Complete Ford Vehicle Lineup--Precision Driver
2014: NCIS New Orleans--Walking Dead--Stunt Driver/Double/Brody
2014: Polar Bears/Hitting The Slopes--Commercials for Honda CRV--Precision Driver
2013: Need For Speed--Movie by Dreamworks--Stunt Driver/Double/Poots and Zumbato

License: 10587839

Contact Information
Phone: 970.481.8276

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