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Kevin Carr

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452 S Carr Ave W, Lafayette, CO, USA 80026


Special Skills & Experience:
I have been a professional freelance camera crew member in Colorado for over two years now. I have worked as an Assistant Camera on high end cameras for feature film work as well as documentary/reality shows all around Colorado including the Denver Metro Area, where I can effectively work as a local. (Please look at to see all my professional work experience).

Although my emphasis is in Camera Crew, I also have a strong background in post production including editing on multiple platforms including Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut and working on effects and graphics using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

I am very familiar with the RED camera line with experience shooting on the RED One and EPIC as well as the high end Sony cameras including the PDW-F800 broadcast camera. I have also often shot video on Canon DSLRs as well as on prosumer Sony Cameras such as the FS-700, EX3, etc. Special skills include shooting time lapse on automated track systems and GoPro camera rigging and operation.

My expertise also includes lighting, which I am very experienced with. I have set up and rigged both hot lights (Arri, Dedo, etc.) as well as lightweight LEDs and Kinos. This also includes lighting with HMI lights and some larger lighting equipment, so I can do more than just light interviews.

If you are interested in post production capabilities - I currently work at a planetarium (and have been for 2 years) doing editing and animation, as well as freelance editing for local production companies. I am no stranger to media management, assistant editing, and would be comfortable performing the tasks and duties of Technical Coordinator. If need be I also have experience with Color Correction as well.


2013: Travel Channel Baggage Battles 3 (not yet aired)
2012: CMT My Big Redneck Vacation 3
2011: DIY Cool Tools 9
2011: Food Network Challenge 8
843.472.8347 | 720.230.3605
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