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Kate Goldsworthy

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Kate Goldsworthy
Lakewood, CO, USA

Philanthropic Organization? Ask about special pricing! ?

Teleprompting nationally and internationally, since 1991, Away With Words has earned a reputation for experience, maturity, flexibility, professionalism and being an easy traveler! I speak enough Spanish and French to be useful.

Small location shoots; Live network broadcast & satellite feeds; Studio teleprompting; Live-event teleprompter; Corporate presentations and training; Political messages and PSAs. Interatron.

Updated, well-maintained, professional-grade equipment, appropriate for interior or exterior projects. Quick-change artist, on-the-fly-editing capability and script-organizing Telescript software.

Please visit my site at for a partial credit list.

***** TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES: Away With Words also provides fast, accurate and affordable transcription services with timecode for documentary and corporate interviews, archives, journals, depositions, etc. Experience the difference! Transcripts arrive ready to deliver to your client with no further proofing necessary; no extra charge for heavy accents; business-vernacular savvy; industry knowledge of trending technological terminology; typing speed 100 wpm. My transcription clients are confidential, but I am able to provide references upon request.

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Phone: 415.405.5910

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