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Justin Stuart

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9201 East Mississippi Ave. P203, Denver, CO, USA 80247

PRODUCERS - Producer - Feature & TV

Special Skills & Experience:
I run a YouTube channel with over 170,000 Subscribers (I am apart of 5 different YouTube channels) and have over 18 million total views on my main channel. I am apart of a YouTube network called "AwesomenessTV", who is owned by Dreamworks Pictures, and have worked on several projects with them which range from interviewing Professional Athletes, guested on a talk show, and informational videos regarding certain topics. I am currently acting in and producing content for a new show on Nickelodeon called "AwesomenessTV". I know how to use a Mac and I know how to use/edit on Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut X. I can operate DSLR's and know how they function. I have helped produce content for PGA Chapter of Colorado. I currently attend Colorado Film School for Acting for the screen.


PRODUCERS - Producer - Feature & TV
2013: AwesomenessTV on Nick
Contact Information
Phone: 719.433.2404

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