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John Doryk, Night Sky Music & Sound Design

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4855 Santiago Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80917

POST PRODUCTION - Music Composition & Sound Fx
POST PRODUCTION - Post Facilities

Award-winning film composer & sound designer

Special Skills & Experience:
John William Doryk is an award-winning television/film composer, who has been creating original music and sound design for film and television for over 25 years.

Classically trained in operatic voice, violin, viola, and guitar, he started playing music at the age of 5. Through his high school and college years, he went on to learn and play in symphonic ensembles, folk and bluegrass bands, played and toured with progressive rock bands, and eventually studied the craft of film composing under one of Hollywood's top orchestrators, Steven Scott Smalley.

From virtual, computer-based instrumentation to world-class session players to full ensembles and orchestras, such as the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, John has worked with many different musical talents throughout his career.

He has had his work aired on The Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS, ABC Nightline, BBC, FOX Network, for Focus on the Family, Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, Compassion Intl, and many independent feature films.

In 2010, he won "Gold" at the prestigious Park City Film Music Festival for his work on "For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots" hosted by Halle Berry and featuring the voices of Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Avery Brooks, Allan Rickman, and many others. He recently completed providing original music to the upcoming PBS special "Unsung Heroes", directed by Frank Martin and produced by Ron Howard.


POST PRODUCTION - Music Composition & Sound Fx
2015: "Badge of Faith" - feature film - Stone Table Films - original music & sound design
2015: "Confessions of a Prodigal Son" - feature film- audio post production
2015: "Samson" - theatrical musical - Sight & Sound Theater - original music & songs
2014: "Journey to Abaddon"- feature film - original music & sound design
POST PRODUCTION - Post Facilities
2015: "Beyond the Mask" - feature film starring John Rhys Davies - dialogue editor
2015: "Winning Favor" - feature film - original music & sound design
2014: "Touched By Grace" - feature film - Stone Table Films - original music & sound design
2014: "Unsung Heroes"-Documentary for Ron Howard/PBS - original music


Contact Information
Phone: 719.574.7878

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