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John Bourbonais, Bourbon Street Productions

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1753 South 8th Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80905

CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
+First owner/operator of an Arri Alexa (HS) in Colorado (May, 2012). Now offering a complete package including Zeiss CP2 "Superspeeds", Chroziel Follow-Focus and Chroziel "Swing-away" Matte Box.
+Owner of a three ton grip truck - Ford 550 with 17ft box, three ft. attic and hydraulic lift. Includes four carts: taco cart, Mario cart (for sandbags) and two magliners.
+Offers a complete production turn-key solution that includes: Arri Alexa camera package, HMI lighting, Tungsten lighting, Matthews Doorway Dolly/track, Intel-a-jib, walkie-talkies and much more.

CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other
2014: Pepsi - Superbowl web assets.
2014: Sports Authority - Web Promo
2013: Repreve - National Commercial

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), Non-Union

719.471.0862 | 719.650.0530 Cell

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