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Jennifer Le Grand, Le Grand Craft

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Le Grand
3545 Lipan Street, Denver, CO, USA 80211

Special Skills & Experience:
Craft service. From car commercials in the mountains to sound stages in Denver.

Our main goals as crafty’s are to help keep spirits high under any pressure, a little bit of love & attention goes a long way in making the day.

We have a large selection for specialty diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, Wheat/free Celiac and ketosis options. Panini, tea sandwiches, cheese/meat/fruit and vegetable platters, healthy dips, nuts & soups are just a few of the items that we can provide.

Give us a call we will work with you to design your ideal menu.


CRAFT SERVICES - Craft Service
2015: Chevy
2015: Colorado Lottery
2015: Noodles and Co
2015: Subaru


Contact Information
Phone: 303.433.3764

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