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Gus Cantavero, Gus Cantavero Film & Images

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3324 S. Field Street, #162, Lakewood, CO, USA 80227

I  began my career as a professional photographer as a teenager, moving in to film after college with the introduction of the Canon 5d Mark II. I was so taken with the possibilities of the HDSLR that I quickly began experimenting and shooting corporate and commercial videos. Then, in 2013 I released my first feature-length documentary called A Drop of Water, which I shot in Cambodia without a budget or support crew. Since then I’ve shot many promotional mini-doc style videos for multi-national corporations, banks, small businesses, and universities. In 2017 I DP’d my first narrative short (I’m Sorry, I Love You) and feature (False Hopes) both in California.

I love the collaborative process with other dedicated, talented people. My passion is crafting a story through the lens, shaping light to create an engaging environment, working with on-screen talent and pushing the creative process to create the best possible product.

I own and operate a Canon C300 Mark II, Sony a7SII and a7rII. I also own an Easyrig for handheld work and various other high-quality equipment.

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Phone: 203.524.0867

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