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Erin Brender

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Denver, CO, USA

PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other
PRODUCERS - Production Supervisor

Special Skills & Experience:
Producing, Managing, and Coordinating the production process (including budgeting, bidding, scheduling, and providing crew & equipment) for television commercials, documentaries, films, still photography, and other media-related endeavors. Over 10 years of experience ensuring both time and money are used in an efficient manner to carry out the goals of the production and establishing a positive work environment for all involved.

Past Commercial Clients include:
SpeedTV, ESPN, NASCAR, EA Sports, Disney Water Parks, DIY Network, truTV, Disney Cruise Line, Busch Gardens, Sea World, T-Mobile, Nickelodeon, Mayo Clinic, Titleist, Bausch & Lomb, Delta Dental, Toyota Racing, Ford, Century Link, Goulian Aerosports, Scholastic Books, Lowe's, and more.

-Line Producer
-Field Producer
-Production Supervisor
-Production Coordinator
-Art Department Coordinator
-Travel Coordinator


PRODUCERS - Producer - Commercial & Other
2014: Out of Breath - Anheuser-Busch InBev/Energy BBDO
2014: SCL Health System People Healing People - HLK Agency
2012: Akio Toyoda at Daytona 500 for Toyota Racing Promo
2011: Pennzoil, Crown Royal, Papa John's NASCAR Promos & Announcements
PRODUCERS - Production Supervisor
2015: PORSCHE #ForeverAmazing
2013: Excel Industries - Raptor Ad Campaign
2011: DIY Network with Jason Cameron - SC Johnson Promos
2010: SPEED TV Daytona 500 "We're There" Promos - Leroy & Clarkson
Contact Information
Phone: 321.287.9039

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