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Eric Fazzini

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8105 East 9th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA 80012

MUSIC - Composer
SOUND - Studio Engineer
SOUND - Designer

Special Skills & Experience:
Audio Post Production
Sound Design
Pro Tools
Final Cut
Sound Editor
Dialogue Editor
Music Composition
Video Game Sound Design
Unreal Dev. Kit
Mac and Windows OS knowledge
iOS Game Sound Design and Music Composition
Foley Artist
Setup and Organization of Sessions with high track counts
ADR Recordist
Strong Communication Skills
Strong Organization and Strict Attention to Detail


MUSIC - Composer
2012: Brain and Zombie (BaZ) iOS game
2010: Voodoo Glow Skulls (Internationally touring band) Saxophone and Horn composition for multi CD's released worldwide
SOUND - Studio Engineer
2013: 11 Seconds (Theatrical/TV)
2013: A Matter of Time (Theatrical/TV)
2013: Online (Theatrical/TV)
2013: Rest for the Wicked (YouTube Web Series)
SOUND - Designer
2013: A Matter of Time (Theatrical Film)
2013: Moses on the Mesa (Short Film)
2012: BaZ (Brain and Zombie) iOS Game for mobile iOS *Sound Design and all Music Composition
2012: God Rewards the Fearless (YouTube Web Series)
Contact Information
Phone: 720.934.0747

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