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Emily Miller

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1390 Hartford Dr, Boulder, CO, USA 80305

AUDIO / SOUND - Music Composition

Composer for Film & TV
Music has appeared in many films worldwide and locally

winner of the 2008 Moondance Film Festival Spirit Award for best Film Score

Special Skills & Experience:
Over 75 finished compositions (6 CDs) using Logic Digital Audio Workstation with an extensive library of sounds and recorded instruments.

Over 10 years experience composing for films:
Song of the Tainted Angel (2015)
Caffeinated Piano Music Video (2014)
Soaring Music Video with Kendra Fleischman
Forget-Me-Not (2013)
Love is for 3
Le Metro
The Crust Never Sleeps


AUDIO / SOUND - Music Composition
2015: Song of the Tainted Angel
2014: Caffeinated Piano #9
2013: Forget-Me-Not
2013: Soaring
Contact Information
Phone: 303.917.4668

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