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Douglas Birdsell

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4110 Brown Stone View, Colorado Springs, CO, USA 80923

VIDEO - Video Assist

Special Skills & Experience:
Over 17 years of experience as a Video Assist Operator. I was born and raised in the state of Colorado, but I gained my work experience as an operator in the Los Angeles area. I have recently relocated back to my home state and have brought my years of experience with me.

I have worked with numerous Top filmmakers in LA, and I have extensive experience working with effects and editing. Running QTake playback software including QTake Monitor for your iPhone or iPad.


VIDEO - Video Assist
2017: Northrop Grumman
2016: Colorado Children's Hospital
2016: Coors
2016: Ford

Local # / Other: Local 7 & Local 695

Contact Information
Phone: 760.898.5455

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