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Dana Eudaily

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Dana Eudaily
Denver, CO, USA

PRODUCERS - Line Producer
PRODUCTION MANAGERS - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
I work as a local Production Supervisor/Manager in Denver and Los Angeles. Companies include: Gartner, A Common Thread, Fueld, Backyard Prods, Twist Prod, Non Fiction, RedTree Prods, Harvest Films, A White Label Product, CoMPANY, über Content, Moxie, Shilo, Space Program, Pictures in a Row, Picture Park, Great Guns: USA, Form, Radical Media, A-Content, Plum Prods, Hungry Man, Avalon Films, NFL Films, Crossroads, MJZ. Past Projects include Coors, Country Buffet, Wendys, Century Link, SW airlines, ARMY, Under Amour, Bounce, Duracell, Kaiser, Disney Resorts, Nasonex, Hallmark, Coors Light, AAA, Cobra Golf, Computer Associates, Chevy, Frosted Flakes, V-8, Geek Squad, Ford...


PRODUCERS - Line Producer
2012: Dish- Impossible pictures
2012: NFL-GMC- the Station co
2012: Starz- Impossible pictures
2012: Village Inn- Arf & Co
PRODUCTION MANAGERS - Commercial & Other
2013: ASICS- Backyard Productions
2013: Connect for Health- Weaselworks
2013: Country Buffet- Pogo Pictures
2012: Picture Park- Wild Life Council



Contact Information
Phone: 303.960.8578

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