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Clifton Archuleta

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Denver, CO, USA

PRODUCERS - Producer - Corporate & Industrial
VIDEO - Videographer HD

Special Skills & Experience:
Comprehensive experience in short-form video production; development through post-production

Content awarded regional Emmy, screened at 25 international film festivals, received over 650,000 online views, and featured on numerous websites, including Entertainment Tonight

Strong leadership background ranging from large scale to small group projects

Expert knowledge of various production hardware, software, and operating systems

Eight years experience as an intelligence operations supervisor and Arabic translator in the U.S. Army


PRODUCERS - Producer - Corporate & Industrial
2013: Fat Tire
2013: Southwest Airlines/ Alpha Rev
2013: Warrior Games Athlete Profiles
2012: Veterans Portrait Project
VIDEO - Videographer HD
2013: Gates/Brand Essence Video
2011: The Song-O-Gram - Ad2 Denver
2010: Grown
2010: Wedding Night
Contact Information
Phone: 720.319.8277

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