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Chris Drake

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7703 W 55th Ave Apt 306, Arvada, CO, USA 80002

GRIPS - Best Boy
LOCATIONS - Location Manager

Special Skills & Experience:
I have extensive experience as an assistant director, location scout/manager, grip/lighting, and camera assistant.


GRIPS - Best Boy
2014: Discover Deals (Commercial - Polymyth Productions Chicago)
2014: The Buyout (Short Film - Polymyth Productions Chicago)
2012: How to Seduce Michelle Obama (Music Video - Polymyth Productions Chicago)
LOCATIONS - Location Manager
2014: Bad Johnson (Chicago)
2013: ABC's Betrayal (TV Series)(Chicago)
2012: The Bay (DIrected by Barry Levinson)(South Carolina)
2011: Sandwich King (Food Network) (Chicago)
Contact Information
Phone: 540.320.8255

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