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Chris Barron

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Chris Barron
1050 Garfield St, Denver, CO, USA 80206

As a cinematographer, I have created documentaries, commercials, and branded content for corporate clients and production companies around the world.

After graduating from New York University with a BFA in Film Production, I started working in the commercial industry and my passion for visual storytelling continues to grow.  With a clear understanding that film is a collaborative medium, I value the opportunity to work with crews and teams of all sizes.

Based on feedback from clients, I believe I bring creativity, staunch professionalism and technical expertise to each project.  Among my strengths is an ability to shoot quickly and efficiently on location, often in unpredictable environments.  I have extensive knowledge of camera systems, lighting, audio and I take pride in bringing out the proper gear for each job.

My love for movies and the art of filmmaking informs everything I do.  I believe this passion is evident in my work and, no matter what the call time is, I am always grateful for the opportunity to practice my craft.

– Positive, professional attitude
– Strong visual storytelling and composition skills
– State-of-the-art equipment
– Comfortable in extreme environments
– Extensive interview experience

– Owner of Red Dragon cine package


CAMERA - Camera Operator - TV & Other
2017: Comcast Commercial
2017: Major League Baseball Commercial
2016: "The Lifted Life"
2016: Fox Sports Pre-Game Interviews
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other
2016: Arizona Humane Society Commercials
2016: Bosch Commercial
2016: Medtronic Commercials
2015: Royal Gorge Bridge Destination Video
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
2017: "Gnaw" (Second Unit)
2017: "The Lifted Life"
2015: "The Joe Show"
2012: "Mitchell 20"
Contact Information
Phone: 303.219.8200

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