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Brooke Johnson, Colorado Film Locations

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Brooke Johnson
2880 South Dexter Way, Denver, CO, USA 80222

LOCATIONS - Assistant Locations Manager
LOCATIONS - Location Manager

Special Skills & Experience:
Over 25 years of providing crews & locations for the film, video & print industries. Extensive digital files from locations statewide and surrounding states.

I have been providing film, video and print clients with the best Colorado crew & locations since 1977.

I have scouted & managed large & small productions throughout the state and have obtained permits & permissions for some of the most unique properties available anywhere.

I also work as a Production Manager so I am able to assist with pre-production budgets & bidding for your projects. I also maintain a large digital library of locations from all over the state of Colorado.


LOCATIONS - Assistant Locations Manager
2013: Fast & Furious 7, 2nd Unit
LOCATIONS - Location Manager
2016: Ram Trucks-Snowmobiles
2015: AUDI
2015: KIA-Bandito Bros
Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)
Local # / Other: Colorado Film & Video Association


Contact Information
Phone: 303.941.3774

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