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Anjin Hernadon, Nomadic Creative

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4065 County Rd. 44ZS, Norwood , CO, USA 81423

CAMERA - Camera Operator - TV & Other
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other

Special Skills & Experience:
Works with primarily RED Digital Cinema cameras, as well as Arri Alexa, and Sony CineAlt cameras and work flows. Commercial, documentary, action sports. Lots of experience shooting in remote and high angle mountain locations around the world. Gear: RED Scarlet-W 5k, Canon DSLR glass, Zeiss CP2, MoVI Pro


CAMERA - Camera Operator - TV & Other
2016: A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports
2015: Stay inside – RAM Trucks Outdoorsman spot
2014: Into The Mind - Sherpas Cinema
CAMERA - Director of Photography - Commercial & Other
2015: Kaspi Bank Spot – Maksut Zumaev
2012: On Everest: National Geographic & The North Face Expedition
Contact Information
Phone: 970.708.1575

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