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Larry Darrington, Jr., Angel Light Pyrotechnics, LLC.

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Larry Darrington Jr
Pierce, CO, USA

Owner of this booming business since 1998. I am a licensed BATFE Explosives manufacturer and keeping my insurance agent bored.

Film: Marc N Cleo, Menschen, The Last Bogatyr TV: American Guns – Discovery Channel Season 1&2, How Stuff works-How Whiskey Made America – Discovery Channel Live: Airshows, Stunt teams, dozens of local firework shows, stadium and stage pyro -Our explosive effects include car explosions, building explosions, fireballs, flames, blank firing weapons, bullet hits, and squibs plus many many more.

Angel Light Pyrotechnics has the following licensing and expertise:

– Licensed with The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive in the Manufacture and use of High Explosives, Type 20.

– State of Colorado Commercial licensing in shipping and handling for explosives transportation.

– Zero Violations. We have the highest Safety Rating possible with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

– Classical outdoor fireworks displays, PGI Shooter Certified, State of Colorado Certified.

– Movie special effects, PGI Shooter Certified, State of Colorado Certified.

– Indoor theatrical special effects, PGI Shooter Certified, State of Colorado Certified.

– Pyrotechnical consulting recommended and used by The Colorado Division of Fire Safety.

– We also teach courses for Fire Marshals and Bomb Squads from all over Colorado.


Our services include:

  • Fully wireless computerized choreography for millisecond timing.
  • Securing permits from the local Fire Authority.
  • Site safety inspection for proper safety distances.
  • Delivery of equipment and explosive product.
  • Set up of equipment and explosive product.
  • Firing of the effects.
  • Final site inspection after the shot.

Meet or Exceed the regulations of NFPA 1123, 1124, 160 and 1126. Ensuring the shot with a custom liability policy. Including all necessary additional insured’s. Easy communication for assistance and consultation to your needs and questions before, during and after the shoot. Providing all equipment needed and required for the safe firing of the show including minor fire protection. (Major fire protection will be planned between A.L.P. and the local Fire Authority)



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