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Andrew Levis

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Front Range, CO, USA

EDITING - Editor
VIDEO - Videographer HD

Special Skills & Experience:
I am a passionate and professional freelance videographer and editor. I have extensive experience in documentary film making. I've shot quite a bit of run-and-gun type scenes, as well as a great deal of 2 or 3-camera interviews. A more extensive list of my credits can be found on my Linked In profile.

As a videographer, I'm proficient with Canon DSLRs and EOS systems. I own my own equipment and typically shoot on my C100.

As an editor, I'm proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite. I cut on Premiere Pro and work with graphics in After Effects. I'm also proficient in Final Cut Pro 7.


EDITING - Editor
2015: "Naked Truck Driver"
2014: "The Art of Following"
2013: "Becoming Snow"
2013: "Meet the Professors" videos for In The Telling
VIDEO - Videographer HD
2015: Conversations on Death Symposium
2013: "Becoming Snow"
2013: E-Literate TV
2012: "Naked Truck Driver"
Contact Information
Phone: 717.676.7888

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